Faith of Our Fathers | Restoring Our Faith Summit 2022

The Biblical influence on the country’s founding will be explored. What is the role of clergy and faith leaders in preserving the truths on which America was founded and restoring the Judeo -Christian faith that has provided our guiding principles?

Setting the Record Straight | Restoring Our Faith Summit 2022

Throughout the Covid pandemic, Americans were receiving mixed messages from government institutions, from healthcare experts, from virologists and scientists. Mask mandates and vaccine mandates were the tip of the spear. What was going on behind the scenes at the Centers for Disease Control, at the White House, in the media and at hospitals and why were those who raised concerns about the policies shut out of the discussion?

Faithful or Fearful | Restoring Our Faith Summit 2022

Recent studies show Americans are living with increased anxiety and concern about the future. The pandemic exacerbated this trend as churches and synagogues were shut down with little resistance from the clergy. Suicide rates continue to rise as religious belief declines. Is there a correlation and are faith leaders failing in their role to save souls?

Essentials of Human Flourishing | Restoring Our Faith Summit 2022

Truths that were self-evident a generation ago now cause arguments and political debates in the public square. The nature of marriage as a union between a husband and wife, the importance of our embodiment as male or female, and the free exercise of religion are just a few of the lost concepts. What is truth? Will a society collapse without a concept of absolutes or natural law? What makes for a healthy society and what are the essentials needed for human beings to flourish?

Restoring Confidence in Science, Faith and Family | Restoring Our Faith Summit 2022

Our lack of faith in God, in trusted institutions and in science has led to a societal upheaval and allowed radical ideologies to flourish. How has redefining marriage, fatherless families, third party reproduction and transgenderism disrupted healthy human bonds and what is the price we are paying?

Dennis Prager Keynote Speech | Restoring Our Faith Summit 2022

Dennis Prager, PhD is a nationally syndicated radio host, founder of PragerU, bestselling author of nine books, and a theologian. An expert on communism and the Middle East, Prager’s graduate work at the Russian and Middle East Institutes of the Columbia University School of International Affairs. He taught Russian and Jewish history at Brooklyn College.

Action Plan: Practical Solutions for Restoring Our Faith | Restoring Our Faith Summit 2022

Without a vision, the people perish according to scripture. What is our vision and how do we transform our communities, our churches, and our country with the tools we have?