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Mission Statement

Our country was founded, in the words of John Adams “for a moral and religious people.” Biblical principles informed American governance at its inception. Our laws were established to illuminate right and wrong and to promote truth, justice and God’s revealed guidance for humankind.

Restoring Our Faith Vermont is an effort to help strengthen our resolve as people of Judeo-Christian heritage. After identifying the ways our country has lost its moorings, our goal is to engage with faith leaders in Vermont communities to revitalize the role that religion plays in our lives and to reconnect with the country’s founding, highlighting what monotheism and biblical teachings inspired at the time and are still capable of doing.

Restoring our Faith Vermont will provide support, resources and strategies to help houses of worship develop interest in faith through outreach, programs and events.

In the 21st Century, the country has endured a dramatic divide. The moral truths that have guided its history seem to have disappeared and the religious foundations that held it together for more than two centuries lie in ruin.

Truths that were self-evident a generation ago now cause arguments and political debates in the public square. The nature of marriage as a union between husband and wife, the importance of our embodiment as male or female, and the free exercise of religion are just a few of the lost concepts. The moral absolutes that were once secured in science and natural law seem no longer to be relevant to Americans today.

Recent studies indicate Americans are living with increased anxiety and concern about the future. The Covid 19 pandemic exacerbated this trend as churches, synagogues and schools were shut down at a time when citizens needed comfort and hope most. Suicide rates in the country continue to rise as religious belief declines.

Pew research data indicates that 30% of Americans consider themselves as having no religious affiliation, a dramatic uptick in the last 20 years. Vermont is one of the least religious states in the country.

Without a vision the people perish, according to scripture. Restoring Our Faith Vermont envisions a flourishing and healthy society rebuilt by a renewed faith in God, a strengthening of families, and a search for truth in science and government.

Restoring Our Faith Vermont is a project of the Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing.